A medium bodied strong ale in deep amber color spiced with honey, vanilla bean, cinnamon, orange peel and ginger. Hestia is a warming strong ale full of spice notes with a mild sweet taste, perfect for enjoying with your loved ones in a cozy night.

Sea Splash


Sea Splash Sour is a wheat-based sour beer brewed with gentle additions of sea salt. Light and crispy, its salty tartness is complemented with the flavour of coriander, creating a complex and refreshing drinking experience.



Inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine and Belgian witbier, Horapa White is a white ale brewed with Southeast Asian basil and coriander. The combination of the two ingredients delivers a refreshing aroma perfect for summer yet preserve the flavour of traditional Belgian witbier. With its unique taste and aroma, Horapa White is great for pairing with food especially spicy dishes.



Kick back, relax and take a “Breather”. Our new Breather IPA is perfect for your downtime after a long day of work. Brewed to deliver fruity aromas with a melange of passion fruit, citrus and lychee. Crispy on the palate with gentle, lasting bitterness balanced by a measure of sweetness from the malt.