Beyond a beer

It’s safe to say that for most people, craft beer was not their first beer and the founders of Gradient Brewery are no exception. Mainstream lager was the only beer we knew during our teenage years and we had no idea what makes beer good or bad. It was until one day we walked into a fancier looking bar and ordered something we didn’t know, what came to the table might just be an ordinary pint of ale or wheat beer but the difference of the appearances, smell or taste were enough to make the impact. All of a sudden it opened our curiosity and kick-started our long journey of drinking and brewing beer, it is a journey of beer by beer that we enjoyed or disliked and gradually, we became beer enthusiasts.

As beer is diverse with endless possibilities, gradient is what we refer to the ever-changing fondness and preference for beer, it is the gradual development of taste and knowledge accumulated by the experience with each beer. Although it changes from time to time, we value all the experience and aim to look for the finest elements at different points of the gradient, not to neglect what we loved along the journey at the same time search for new destinations. With our experience and creativity, we produce what we think is the best beer for you to enjoy, whether you are a beginner or hardcore beer lover.